The Emerge! 2-day Community  Training on Engaging Men & Boys to End Domestic Violence
featuring Tony Porter from A CALL TO MEN

Emerge! has invited members from our community to learn how they can Answer the Call to End Domestic Violence by attending a two-day training that takes place this week. A CALL TO MEN’s Tony Porter will lead the Institute, which is an educational experience that provides advanced training about how to engage men and boys in the promotion of a healthy, respectful manhood and the prevention of violence against ALL women and girls.

Attendees will explore:

  • The efforts, challenges, and successes of the women’s movement to end men’s violence against women
  • How some aspects of male socialization contribute to violence against women, and how that socialization objectifies women as property
  • The ways in which men can be proactive in ending violence against women, and the ways to incorporate this into their day-to-day lives.
  • Building community organizing skills and techniques aimed at improving their collective ability to reach other men to bring about the social change needed to create a safer community

At Emerge!, we’re grateful for those in attendance who have committed their gift of time and willingness to go forward as a leader in the community and invest in the safety of all. We offer this opportunity to our community as a reflection of our deep honor and commitment to those we serve and those who are suffering in silence.